Here are some common questions we receive – if you can’t find the answer below, just get in touch.
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I haven’t had an order confirmation
These can sometimes take a couple of hours to come through, and can sometimes find their way to your spam/junk folder, so check there. If not, just drop us a quick message and we’ll be happy to help 🙂
It’s my preferred delivery date and my tree hasn’t arrived
This is rare, but as it’s Christmas time, courier problems can’t be ruled out. You can contact the courier (Tuffnells) directly and provide your postcode (the quickest way to get an update is to contact your local depot), or just get in touch with us with your order number handy (this is found on your confirmation email).
What are the non-drop trees?
The Nordman Fir, Fraser Fir and Farmer Tom’s Famous Sussex Fir have the best needle retention. Of course, no tree will retain all of it’s needles, but if your Christmas tree is cared for correctly these varieties will look full well into the new year.
Do the trees have roots on?
No, our trees are cut where the trunk meets the ground. Trees that are dug up are unlikely to survive when re-planted. If you want a tree with roots, you can order a pot-grown tree (currently only up to 3 or 4ft).
Do the trees come with a stand?
Not as standard, but you can order a Christmas tree stand from us, choose one of our special offers, or go old school and use a bucket and bricks 🙂
What size tree should I get?
Obviously it depends on where you’re putting it 🙂 We measure our trees to around half way up the “leader” (the long bit at the top above the topmost branch), so bear in mind that your tree may be half a foot or so taller than the size you order. You also need to keep in mind that if you’re using a stand, this will add a little more height to the tree. A typical ceiling is around 8’ (apparently!).
Can you collect my tree after Christmas?
We do offer a separate collection service in postcode areas local to our plantations (some areas within RH, TN & BN). If your postcode is in the relevant area you’ll receive an email after your order with more details.

Outside of that, presently it’s not viable for us to pick up individual trees, for logistical and environmental reasons. Many councils will offer either a free collection service or a drop-off point for tree recycling. Some local gardening companies will also collect trees for a small fee.

Can you put my tree up for me?
As we delivery via a third party courier, unfortunately that’s not something we’re able to help with at the mo. One day hopefully we’ll have elves across the nation!
Where can you deliver to?
We deliver to anywhere on the UK mainland.
How fast is delivery?

Our free delivery service is next-day, but weekday only. If you want your tree for Monday, it will be dispatched on the Friday before. Your order must be made by 72 hours before the preferred delivery date.

Can you deliver on weekends?

We can’t currently deliver nationally on weekends unfortunately, but have introduced a weekend service local to our farms. You’ll see this option at the checkout if your postcode is eligible.

Can I choose the time of delivery?
Unfortunately, as we deliver through a partner courier we’re not able to offer this service at this time.
Can you give me a time window on delivery day?

We’re not able to provide a window ourselves, but if you call the courier on the morning of your delivery, typically they can narrow it down a bit.

Other Stuff
Can I visit your plantations to pick a tree?
Yes! Our two plantations are in Sussex, and you can find out more at sussextrees.co.uk/outlets
Do you sell trees wholesale?
Not typically, though feel free to make an enquiry via our sister site sussextrees.co.uk
Still need help? Get in touch!
For any other questions, just head to our contact us page, use our live chat, or message us on your favourite social media wotsit.
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