pot-grown trees

Potted Christmas Trees

If you like the idea of a living Christmas tree, our pot-grown beauties are just the ticket.
  • Our potted trees are available for delivery from mid-November.

About Pot-Grown Trees

These little fellas have been grown in the very same pot you'll receive them in... and that's more important than it sounds! These are ideal for those who want to have a go at keeping their Christmas tree alive after the festivities are over, and maybe even using it for future Christmases ("Christmases" looks weird, doesn't it?)
When buying a potted Christmas tree, what you don't want is a 'normal' tree that's been dug up and shoved in a pot. Let loose in the ground, the trees will tend to spread their roots much more widely, and when trees are dug up many of these tend to be cut off or damaged to squish it into the pot. That pretty much inevitably means the tree is going to struggle to survive. Our trees are grown using 'Easiroot' pots, sunk into the ground. These pots have teeny little holes to allow micro-roots to poke through and benefit from being in the ground, but with the major root system contained to the pot. When we're ready to harvest, the whole thing - along with the pot - just gets pulled up out of the ground and hey presto, you have yourself a living Christmas tree that's got a much better chance of ... well ... living.
A tree just for Christmas?
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