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How to decorate your Christmas tree

How to Decorate Your Christmas Tree Like a Pro

  • Blog
Your Christmas tree has arrived, you’ve positioned it in your favourite stand, and you’ve rearranged the contents of your living room to find the ‘perfect spot’ for the focal point [...]
planting vines

The Grapes of Goddenwick

  • Blog
  • Farm
In a few weeks’ time it’ll be Christmas tree planting season again, but this year the planting machine has made an early outing. Last weekend, with glorious sunshine beating down [...]
non drop christmas trees

Best Non Drop Christmas Trees

  • Blog
Whilst some of us traditionalists think hoovering up a few needles is all part of the fun, more and more UK buyers are opting for “non-drop” Christmas trees. In fact, [...]
planting christmas trees

Planting time at the farm

  • Farm
The business of growing Christmas trees is a long game requiring planning far in advance and year-round work. The arrival of Spring in Sussex means planting time for the team at [...]
when to put christmas tree up

When do most people put their Christmas tree up?

  • Farm
It’s an age-old question, a debate that’s (probably) ended friendships. Some swear by December 1st, some hold out right until Christmas Eve, some can’t wait until Advent. Well, sitting here [...]
fresh christmas tree tips

How To Keep Your Christmas Tree Fresh

  • Blog
One of the things the team at our plantations get asked most of all at Christmas is how to keep your real Christmas tree looking lovely and fresh for as [...]
Best Christmas Tree Size

What Size Christmas Tree Should I Buy?

  • Blog
Once you’ve finally decided what variety of Christmas tree is best for you, you’re going to need to pick a size. You might think that’s it’s an easy decision, but [...]
Send Me a Christmas Tree flagpole

Flagpole Fun at the SendMe Plantation

  • Blog
It started with a notice dropping through the door of a farm sale due to take place at Havelock Farm in nearby Ardingly. Amongst the usual items listed – lawnmowers, [...]

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