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The Serbian Spruce is an ideal pick for those of you who need a tree on the slimmer side. Generally less bushy than the Norway Spruce, and with softer needles, the Serbian Spruce will also retain it’s needles better through the season. They have a dainty appearance and delicate branches, so whilst very pretty might not be ideal for big heavy decorations. They’re pretty new on the UK market, and we have a fairly limited number in the ground, but are planting more every year.

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8 reviews for Serbian Spruce

  1. Chloe

    The shape is so perfect, it looks like a cartoon Christmas tree! It’s lasted really well with not a huge amount of droppage. It’s the fir-st time I’ve had a Serbian spruce but I’ll be ordering the same next year, I much prefer its more slender shape to the Fraser and Nordman firs. Thank you very much!

  2. Ana M Estruch

    Newbie to online Xmas trees. Tree arrived on agreed delivery date. Choosing & ordering was simple; information & advice invaluable. Choice was based on size, colour, compact shape, & fragrance. Ordered a 6ft tree. It arrived well packed in plastic netting & wrapped tightly. Very easy to handle & place/clamp in stand. Removing packaging was super easy. Eased branches down & left 24 hrs before decorating. Absolutely beautiful. Full, yet compact. Symmetrical, no bald spots & long branches trimmed back; needed no touching up. The top spire is tall & substantial, easy to attach star. Was secured with wooden stake to prevent damage during transport. So, so happy. Thank you

  3. Phil Bishop (verified owner)

    Perfect for us, thank you for offering this variety

    I have ordered a Serbian Spruce from you in 2017, 2018 and 2019. All three arrived on the allotted day, in fabulous condition, the top protected by a cane, great slim shape, fresh and beautifully scented. The last two lasted brilliantly from early December through to the New Year with very little needle drop (we use a stand containing water) and I have no doubt this one will too.
    The only thing that has ever been an issue was entirely my fault! I ordered too big last year egged on by my young son who wanted a “massive tree”. I could barely lift it and overlooked the extra height you allow for in the leader. Even after sawing off a decent length of trunk, the tip still scraped the ceiling. It was a good excuse to buy more decorations though

  4. Maria (verified owner)

    I ordered this tree last year. It was my first experience with this particular variety of tree, as well as my first time ordering a tree online. I was quite nervous, but the the team were happy to answer my questions and offer advice. I was looking for a slim but full looking tree. I ordered a six footer and was quite happy in terms of fullness and shape. Also, the tree was delivered on the specified date with no issues.
    I have deducted one star because the needles were quite sharp. If that doesn’t really bother you, then this is a good, slightly cheaper alternative to the Fraser fir ( my tree of choice usually).
    I have ordered my tree for this year and have gone for the Sussex fir this time. Looking forward to seeing what that one is like!
    That’s the other great thing about Send me a Christmas Tree, they have quite a few varieties of trees. Something you don’t usually find in your local, pop-up Xmas tree market. I also like the fact that they cut the trees as close as possible to the shipping date so that they arrive as fresh as possible. Overall, was very happy with their service last year, and I’m hoping it will be the same this year.

  5. David Noble (verified owner)

    I am so impressed with this tree. The shape is perfect and it is ideal for a corner where another type would have been too wide at the base. It also lasted a good month with very little needle drop.

  6. Ingris (verified owner)

    The best tree we’ve ever had! Thank you so much

  7. David Noble (verified owner)

    Just received this tree and it is fantastic. Perfect size for the space I have for it. And it smells amazing. The whole process of ordering and receiving this tree was faultless. Thank you

  8. Allan Hunter

    Over the years we’ve had many real trees of various types. The Serbian Spruce we had a few years ago from you guys was the best we ever had. It had delicate little cones and a green/blue foliage. Our kids ask every year if we’re getting another of them. Not always the easiest to get hold of, but worth it if you can.

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