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This tree could be described as Britain’s original Christmas tree. The smell of Christmas that most of us grew up with, festive memories come flooding back whenever you get near one. If you’re a traditionalist this is as much a part of Christmas as turkey and the Queen’s Speech. Dark green with thin slightly prickly needles. The Norway Spruce is a great choice if you put your tree up a week or so into December (as it will dry out quicker in the warm), or at any time as an outdoor tree. Read more.

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Height guide

Your tree will be at least as tall as the stated height, typically a little bit taller (unfortunately trees don’t grow to perfect round heights!). We measure from the base of the trunk to around halfway up the ‘leader’ (the long bit at the top where your star/fairy goes), but there is some variance in this depending on the leader length. You can always cut a bit off the top of the leader. Your tree may be up to 1.5ft taller than the chosen height so please account for this.


If you’re putting your tree in any sort of stand, that will add some height to the tree, so don’t forget to factor it in to the overall measurement! If you need a stand, we sell them here.

Tree width

Bear in mind that the taller your tree, the wider it will be at the base. Nordman Firs and Norway Spruces in particular get quite big and bushy as they get taller, so make sure you’ve got space!

Strong piney scent
Symmetrical shape
Strong branches
Comments From Happy Buyers

17 reviews for Norway Spruce

  1. Nicola, Bury St. Edmunds

    Just got my tree – fantastic. And it’s snowing…

  2. Ruth, Notts

    I ordered the tree on Sunday and it arrived today. Very, Very pleased

  3. Alasdair, Devon

    Lovely bushy tree – very impressed – thank you very much!

  4. Julie, Staffordshire

    Thanks it’s arrived and smelled wonderful and looks great but what a shame it had to be cut down. Many thanks.

  5. Lucy, Margate

    My tree was delivered on Wednesday and it is totally BEAUTIFUL! We all love it, especially my 4 and 1 year olds. Thank you very much for your fantastic service!

  6. Graham, East Sussex

    Just got ur tree it is perfect thanks will shop there again

  7. Melanie, East Sussex

    Your beautiful tree arrived this afternoon while I was out. Thanks very much.

  8. Gavin, South Wales

    Thank you so much for our amazing Christmas tree and for the outstanding service! Will b back next year for sure!

  9. Christine, London

    Really pleased with the tree you sent us, it was taller than the 8 foot , as we requested, and looked perfect in our tall drawing room. Much admired by everyone. My husband said he thought it was one of the nicest trees we had ever had and the best shape so a Happy New Year to you and many thanks.

  10. Cherry, London

    Hi, Just a note to thank you for the lovely christmas tree that we had delivered on Friday 16th December. Everyone has admired it. The smell the beautiful shape and it has hardly dropped at all. It was such good value and delivered on the promised date. Why would anyone want the hassle of buying a tree and then struggling to get it home? We will definitely buy from you again. Well done and a Happy New Year.

  11. Troy Willis (verified owner)

    What a fantastic company!!! Had my tree delivered on my chosen date, 11th December and it still looks amazing. It’s the best tree I have ever had. I was unsure about ordering a tree online but so glad I did!! Perfect shape, perfect tree. Excellent price and free delivery. I have recommended Send me a christmas tree to most people I know!! Looking forward to ordering again next year.
    Thanks again for a great service and a great tree. Merry Christmas!!!

  12. ken, Hastings (verified owner)

    I had my tree delivered last year 11th dec..2015 delivered perfectly as arranged and was a really beautiful tree, so fresh and looked fantastic decorated ! lasted right through and stayed lovely, it was a shame when it was time to take down ! well it is now only September and lol here I am already looking on here as I am definitely ordering my tree from here again this year , great trees , great service and great value ! I was extremely happy !

  13. Dawn (verified owner)

    Bought our Christmas tree from here for the last two or three years and will buy again this year. Trees are great but it would be nice if we could also buy mistletoe and holly at the same time, as we would if we could go out to buy a tree.

  14. Clint (verified owner)

    My tree came as requested on the 30th November, was worried if it was a good shape etc, I had nothing to worry about, probably one of the best trees we have had, smells and looks fantastic, definitely ordering next year. Many thanks for a great service

  15. Rebecca (verified owner)

    Beautiful fresh trees. Excellent personal service. Never let me down!

  16. Stella (verified owner)

    Best shaped tree i have ever had!! Thank you. Also delivered on chosen date

  17. Nikita

    Best tree I have ever had! I moved in just before Christmas and have always had Nordmann Firs, this year however I couldn’t get hold of one and was sceptical about getting a spruce because of the needles but I am so glad I got one! It was by far the best looking tree I’ve ever had and have had nothing but great comments on how beautiful it is. The smell is fantastic and yes the needles drop and they’re not as soft as the Nordmann but I have a 3 year old and 2 cats and none had a problem with the needles and as I have a handy robot vaccum the needles that dropped weren’t really an issue. The delivery was also very fast and reliable, I requested a specific date and it arrived on time no problem. I’ll definitely be buying from here again next year!

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I just wanted to let you know that the Serbian Spruce Christmas tree we purchased from you has been excellent. Your delivery service was also excellent. We will be ordering from you again.



Tree Guide: Norway Spruce

If you grew up in the UK and are over the age of about 30, the Norway Spruce (Picea Abies) is the Christmas tree of your childhood. Found natively in Europe – particularly Northern, Eastern and Central areas – they are also one of the most widely cultivated spruces across the globe. You’ll see them growing across the UK, but the tree isn’t actually considered native to these isles (though it was introduced yonks ago).


The Norway Spruce is a fast grower, if left to their own devices they can grow 2-3ft per year. When we’re growing them for Christmas, however, we tend to train the tree to direct all it’s growing energy to achieve a nice bushy shape rather than shooting upwards.

It’s speedy growth and hardiness make the Norway Spruce a popular choice for timber. The timber is smooth, strong and light in colour and is often used by carpenters to make joists, rafters and floorboards.

As they get taller, the trees change a little in appearance. That’s why the Spruce in Trafalgar Square (donated each year by the city of Oslo to the people of London as a token appreciation for support in World War II) might look like a different tree altogether to the one in your sitting room. Beyond about 20 feet, the foliage tends to hang or droop more from the branches, where on younger trees it’ll look a bit more upright. You might also see long cones hanging down from the taller Spruces. It’s also obviously much harder to look after a tree that’s 20ft tall, so you’re less likely to see the perfect pyramid shape you’re used to.

If you’re struggling to identify your tree as a Norway Spruce, take a look at the needles. They should be around an inch long and, if you take one and look closely, you should notice it has four distinct sides (unlike needles of firs, and of the Serbian Spruce, which are flat).

Christmas Tree Credentials

Aside from the fact that it might hark back to your childhood, the biggest reason to get a Norway Spruce is probably the scent. It’s an instantly recognisable rich, deep pine smell; fresh and oh-so Christmassy.

They’re also great for those who prefer a bushier, fuller tree – particularly at the bottom, you won’t see gaps through the tree. Norway Spruces do start to drop their needles once cut, and particularly when in the warm, so they’re more suited to those who tend to buy closer to Christmas. For the same reason, they’re a great choice for those looking for an outdoor Christmas tree.

Farmer Tom Says:

"The smell of the spruce brings back all my childhood memories. For me, that smell is Christmas."
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