What Size Christmas Tree Should I Buy?

Once you’ve finally decided what variety of Christmas tree is best for you, you’re going to need to pick a size. You might think that’s it’s an easy decision, but there are a number of considerations to keep in mind when asking “what size Christmas tree should I buy?”.

Most Christmas trees in the UK are sold by the foot, but with the mish-mash of metric and imperial measures used here, not everyone will know what size to go for. We’ve devised the thoroughly researched and carefully designed guide* below to help you pick a height:

Best Christmas Tree Size

*Note that this guide is neither carefully designed nor thoroughly researched.

From left to right we have the diminutive Verne Troyer (in character as Mini Me), pint-sized comic Ronnie Corbett, Nation’s sweetheart Cheryl Cole, our very own Farmer Tom, lanky Stoke striker Peter Crouch and the World’s (current) tallest man Bao Xishun.

In all seriousness, though they may seem obvious, here are a few things to bear in mind when choosing the height you need:

  • The average British ceiling is about 8ft.
  • If you have a christmas tree stand, this will raise the overall height of the tree by up to a foot. That means there will be plenty of rooms for all your pressies.
  • As a general rule, the taller a tree is, the bushier and wider it will be at the base. Keep in mind the width you have available, as well as the height. It will also be heavier and more difficult to manoeuvre.
  • You’ll need to leave a gap between the tip top of the tree (the ‘leader’) and your ceiling, particularly if you’ve got a fancy star to put on top.
  • If you get a big’un, you’ll need a step-ladder or tall friend to help you decorate.

We hope you’ve found our Christmas tree size guide useful – why not share it with your friends using the buttons on the left?


Author: Will,
May 17, 2023

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