Black Christmas Trees – Is Black the New Green?

The amazing trend of buying black Christmas trees is hitting the UKyet again.
Shops are selling more of these than the traditional fake green ones which means that black is definitely the new green when it comes to adorning a home for the festive season.

These great trees can be bought with lights or without and of course this is reflected in the price. Large trees which are fully-laden with Christmas lights, cost around £50 or so.

Over recent years there have been a variety of different trees on the market and all of them have been really popular, especially the ones with their backs sliced off as it means they do not take up so much space in rooms.

But black Christmas trees are hitting new heights when it comes to sales and with trees around 6 foot high with lights, it is not surprising that the trend is getting more popular. The amount of trees that are expected to be sold by one retailer is expected to reach a staggering third of a million and other large chains of stores expect to sell an equivalent quantity of fake trees.

With this said, black Christmas trees do look very good and rather elegant, especially when decorated and lit up. Householders have favoured fake trees for a number of years simply because they can reuse them year after year as well as not having to clean up the mess that needles leave on the carpet as they fall off real.

Black Christmas trees can be found in garden centres, large department stores and many other retail outlets. When you consider the price of a real tree and then compare this to the cost of a fake tree, it is perfectly logical that people prefer to spend their hard earned cash wisely. Black Christmas trees add a definite alternative touch to the festive season, as well as being really nice looking and great value for money.

Author: Tom,
November 1, 2011

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