{Just wanted to say THANK YOU for an excellent tree, and your speed in fulfilling a last minute order - less than 48 hours from order to delivery of probably the best shaped, fresh little Christmas tree I've ever had! I was nervous about ordering online, not being able this year to get out and choose my own tree, but you've proved an absolute winner.

Pot Grown Blue Spruce


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The Blue Spruce potted Christmas tree is a fantastic tree for planting out in the garden, as it will look good all year round. You’ll also get the benefit of seeing this variety at it’s ‘bluest’ in the spring. Like any young tree, these won’t take the true Christmas tree shape until 3 or 4 feet tall, but look after your tree well and it’ll look fantastic for years to come. Size ranges from 100cm to 120cm.

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Our pot-grown trees are available for delivery from late November annually.

Height guide

Pot-grown trees are measured to include the pot, so typically will look a bit smaller than a cut tree of equivalent height.

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