Christmas Trees For Pubs

Sitting in a pub garden on a summer’s day certainly has it’s charm, but for us there’s no better time to be at your local than at Christmas. You can’t beat arriving in from the cold to a cosy pub and setting yourself down by a roaring fire whilst someone else gets the drinks in. And the scene wouldn’t be complete without a majestic Christmas tree set in the corner. Ideally just a touch larger than is sensible.

What’s the best Christmas tree for my pub?

This really comes down to a couple of factors: the spot you plan to put it in, and when you plan to put it up.

If the tree is going to be in a cooler spot  (or outside), or if you like to leave it a bit later before putting it up, then keep it traditional and go for a Norway Spruce.

If you’re looking to put the tree up before December, or if the tree is going to be in a particularly warm part of the pub, we’d recommend a Nordman Fir – this tree keeps its needles better than any other.

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