Christmas Trees for Photoshoots

Are you looking at this page with the sun shining outside, at a time when you really shouldn’t be thinking about Christmas trees? Don’t worry, it’s not just you. We get plenty of enquiries through the year from people looking to source trees out of the normal season, usually for corporate photoshoots.

Whatever you need the tree for, we’re happy to try to help out. Just get in touch using the form below.

Some things to note:

  • During the springtime, trees will often be “flushing” – that’s when the new growth for the year is pushing through. It means the trees will have soft, light-green buds at the tips of branches, so might not ideal for photos. It’s still worth getting in touch, though, as the time that they are in flush will vary a bit dependent on the weather and variety of tree.
  • As we don’t send out too many trees during the year, we don’t have an ongoing courier, so delivery of each order will have to be arranged on a case by case basis. If you’re nearby (Sussex, London) we may be able to deliver ourselves, but if not our customers have had success using sites like Anyvan and Shiply. Either way, get in touch and we’ll work out how we can get a tree to you!

We supplied Young’s pub group with a Norway Spruce for their Christmas menu shoots.

Promotion shot for a West End production of ‘The Gruffalo’, starring one of our Nordman Firs.

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