One of the very best traditions to establish at Christmas, is an evening spent decorating the tree. Hopefully you have a real tree, with its lovely smell, so have a little think about the style you want to decorate it in.

If money is no object, you could visit Asprey inLondon, who will supply enough ornaments to decorate the tree for about £2k to £3K Or maybe buy some Swarovski crystal baubles for up to £165 each.

But really, a lot of money isn’t necessary to have a stunning and individual tree.

You could make it a real family affair and a thrifty one too. Start with the tree ornaments the children or grandchildren have made over the years, including the fairy made from a shuttle cock! Add to that with some home made tree decorations which you have made this year: silver foil stars, water dough figures, or pine cones, seed heads, holly and ivy sprayed silver and gold.

If you want a traditional feel you can buy wooden and felt Christmas figures such as reindeer, Santas and angels, but why don’t you have a go at making your own? The internet, local craft shops and magazines all have lots of easy patterns for Christmas tree decorations to follow, even for the less nimble fingered amongst us.

Bought decorations come in all shapes and sizes and all prices. They may be fragile and expensive glass, or cheap and shatterproof acrylic. You can buy round baubles which are personalised, or get cheap plain ones and personalise them yourself with model paint.

Tinsel divides people, some think it essential, and some think it tacky. Unless your tree is large, stick to the thinner strands and one colour for the best effects. Similar, but more unusual effects can be achieved with cheap strings of beads or hand tied ribbons and bows.

Lights too come from the discreet small white ones which hang from invisible wires, to big showy one in the shape of lanterns, or which flash on and off. Again, the size of your tree and the style you are aiming for will dictate your choices.

So, to sum up: the choice is unlimited and so are the prices. Deciding on a style or a theme will help you to source the right Christmas tree ornaments and decorations for your style and budget and ensure a tree to be proud of.

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