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Amongst all the Christmas paraphernalia we need to consider, the Christmas tree is one of the most important. Native toNorth America, the Noble Fir (Abies Procera) is a truly beautiful choice. Somewhat unusually, it is often grown in containers for the commercial Christmas tree trade, as it has very deep roots. This does mean however that it is available in a range of sizes and you can choose the most appropriate for your home.

The Noble Fir has many features to recommend it, one being its colour. The needles show a variety of colours from a very silvery blue, to deep green and blue green and through to silver. The needles curve slightly upwards from the branches, which make a lovely shape and shows off the colours to best advantage.

The branches are dense which offers lots of hanging space. They are also very strong and you can hang quite heavy ornaments without the branches dropping or bending. This coupled with the symmetry of the branches makes it an ideal tree to decorate easily and get a professional effect. If you need a tree with which to make a big impact, in an office for example or in a big room, this is an ideal choice.

The dense branches also grow right to the bottom and as they make superb wreaths, you can trim your tree and make another important Christmas decoration your very own wreath, a good money saving tip!

In addition to all this, the tree is also very fragrant, always a lovely attribute for a Christmas tree indoors.

Whether you buy it as a cut tree or container grown, you need to care for your Noble Fir well, keeping it well watered and away from direct heat, but if you buy it as a container grown tree it will give you many years of pleasure, making it good value too.

Like all the other Christmas things you need to think of, which tree you choose is always personal, dictated by size, preference for shape and of course cost, but the Noble Fir is well worth consideration.

Author: Tom,
November 1, 2011

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