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The Ultimate Guide to Christmas Tree Decorations

One of the very best traditions to establish at Christmas, is an evening spent decorating the tree. Hopefully you have a real tree, with its lovely smell, so have a little think about the style you want to decorate it in. If money is no object, you could visit Asprey...

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Black Christmas Trees – Is Black the New Green?

The amazing trend of buying black Christmas trees is hitting the UKyet again. Shops are selling more of these than the traditional fake green ones which means that black is definitely the new green when it comes to adorning a home for the festive season. These great...

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Noble Fir – Tree Guide

Amongst all the Christmas paraphernalia we need to consider, the Christmas tree is one of the most important. Native toNorth America, the Noble Fir (Abies Procera) is a truly beautiful choice. Somewhat unusually, it is often grown in containers for the commercial...

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Balsam Fir – Tree Guide

Amongst all the varieties of trees now available to buy for Christmas, you may like to look for a slightly more unusual variety, the Balsam Fir, or Abies Balsamea Miller to give it its full name. Until relatively recently it may not have been an obvious choice to grow...

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